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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Oil leak stopped.
Millions of gallons left under the surface.

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Oil-Lok / Toxic-Lok by other names:

Oil Lok falls under the EPA application of Sorbents for Oil Spills . Oil Lok meets the regulatory definition of a "sorbent" and is not required to be included in the NCP Product Schedule. View Product Categories under the National Contingency Plan Subpart J"

Oil Lok is a natural oil spill containment material. It is NON -HAZARDOUS


Spill seen from the air.

Oil reaches the beaches.

Oil Lok can contain this.
The storms will pick up the oil in the water and rain it on land. What then?

Oil Lok (Oil-Lok) is a 100% non-toxic natural mineral that will absorb hazardous liquid waste and not allow it to leach back into the environment. It can be used to clean up oil contamination in soils, water and on animals.

We can deal with oil spill recovery from Start to Finish with out toxic dispersants. Dispersant video 3 July 2010

Oil Lok is a 100% non toxic, natural amorphous alumino-silica which absorbs liquid contaminants such as refined oil or crude oil and contain the liquid without leakage back to the environment. (Mining Process) Oil Lok's success is do to the enormous surface area the mineral provides for the collection of the oil. Oil Lok has been used over 20 years in hazardous spill containment. It has been proven in protecting the environment for the contamination due to oils spills and oil drilling waste in all types of soil. Oil Lok has been used in remediation of various types of liquid contaminated soils.

If oil is mixed with water, Oil Lok will take the oil over the water and contain it with out leakage. Then Oil-Lok can be transported for remediation of left alone and the oil can be used for soil regeneration.

Oil-Lok advantages:

  • Hydrocarbon based disposal problems are done an a safe and cost effective manner.
  • Oil Lok is non toxic. Will not harm plants or animals.
  • Oil-Lok is EPA approved.
  • Oil-Lok will consume up to 95% of it's volume in liquid.
  • Oil-Lok prefers hydrocarbons more than other liquids.
  • Separates oil from water.
  • Ionic affinity for most harmful heavy metals.
  • Hydrocarbons are only released under severely extreme conditions.
  • Can be a host material for oil eating microbes and enzymes.
  • OilLok can encapsulate oil and make teh handling more manageable.

Large surface area Oil-Lok's molecular sieving properties not only trap hydrocarbons, they reduce the hydrocarbon mass into small chambers, where natural bacterial action begins the breakdown of the hydrocarbon molecule.

Close up view of Oil Lok?

OilLok is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies NCP Product Schedule. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, 300.915.

Oil Spill News

Oil Spill Situation Page

  • Cleanup activity on the Gulf has slowed. Out of sight out of mind. 1 Aug 2010
  • White House proposes more funding to increase oil spill relief. Story
  • CNN reports Fishing banned in 19% of Gulf due to oil spill. 18may 2010
  • BP says oil clean-up costs $10 million per day . 9 May 2010

Oil-Lok can help clean up this little guy.
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The Video on the left gives a clearer detail of our product. The marketing names we have used over the past 20 years are Oil Lok, Waterlok, MudLoc and Absorbs All. For additional information please call us at 775 741 0735 24/7.
We can deal with oil spill recovery from Start to Finish with out toxic dispersants. Dispersant video 3 July 2010

What's the hold up? EPA is having difficulty in reading their own regulations. They do not understand the difference between "May" and "Shall". Sorbents will not be allowed to be used if there is a chance it may be in the water. Political road block and the oil keeps on pouring and polluting. Costner signs deal with BP to place 37 machines in gulf. OilLok makes national radio program. Link . We start at 5 minutes 30 secs into the program. or direct wave format / wave player embedded